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Pinpoint Communications to Blanket McCook with Fiber


In an effort to expand high-speed broadband reach in McCook Nebraska, Pinpoint Communications will be completing

Phase One of fiber installation to residents by the end of April. Pinpoint currently passes roughly 800 homes with fiber and

will pass another 270 when the Reservation build is completed in this Phase One project.


Phase Two of McCook fiber installation is set to begin soon as Pinpoint is in the advanced stages of the project and is

currently preparing crews and materials for the construction of the remainder of the community of McCook. The second

phase of the McCook project will encompass the remainder of the community of with fiber Internet service with an

estimated completion of early-2023.


Along with this project, in January of this year Pinpoint was awarded $181,141.25 in funding to complete the McCook North

East fiber installation through the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Program (NBBP). Pinpoint is slated to have the project

completed by the end of 2022.


“People will start seeing Pinpoint trucks working throughout McCook more frequently now as our crews will be there for

data collection in the coming weeks, followed by aerial and underground construction, ” said Tom Shoemaker, Pinpoint

president. “We are committed to bringing the best available technology to the entire community in the coming months

and intend to move faster than we have in the past several months, and look forward to completing the all fiber network in



The lightning-fast speed will be available at affordable prices and all packages will include WI-FI maintenance and router. Those interested in our new fiber internet service can check out our website or call our office at 800-793-2788.

10 Reasons Why Streaming Services are So Popular


Streaming services — such as Hulu, Netflix and YouTube TV — offer many advantages

compared to traditional TV plans like satellite or cable. They include:


  1. Cost Savings – Subscribing to a few streaming services usually ends up costing much                                                                                                    less than paying for satellite or cable TV.

  2. Bigger Variety of Content – Streaming services maintain huge libraries of TV shows and                                                                           and              movies from which to choose.

  3. More Original Content – Some streaming services pride themselves on their award-                                                                                                 winning original content that’s not available with any other streaming service or on network TV.

  4. Less Mindless TV Viewing – Instead of turning on the TV to watch whatever is on or engage in aimless channel surfing, users of streaming services tend to turn it on to intentionally watch a specific show or movie.

  5. Lack of Weather Issues – If you now have satellite TV and struggle with spotty service during high winds or heavy rains, you’ll appreciate the fact that streaming services won’t have those issues.

  6. Added Convenience – You can watch your programs on any device, whenever and wherever you want.

  7. Scalability – Many streaming services allow you to choose the features and functions you want.

  8. Personalized Recommendations – You can get viewing ideas based on your profile and interests.

  9. Ad-Free Entertainment – With traditional television, a good third of the viewing time tends to be consumed by ads.

  10. Simplified Binge-Watching – You can easily binge-watch an entire season of a series, pausing an episode whenever you want and returning at a later time.


An essential companion to streaming services is a fast and reliable internet connection. Pinpoint Communications offers internet plans with download speeds up to 1 Gig. For details on availability and pricing, call 800-793-2788 or visit


*Article courtesy of Cornerstone Group

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