Who We Are:

The History of Pinpoint Communications

Pinpoint Holdings is where opportunities connect with technology solutions.  In fact, Pinpoint has been helping our customers connect with opportunities for more than 100 years.

Almost 75 years before Pinpoint was created, the Cambridge Telephone Company was founded and ultimately became the genesis for the Pinpoint family of companies.  To this day, Cambridge Telephone Company continues to be a provider of high quality service, dedicated to customer excellence.  Pinpoint endeavors to build on that reputation, never forgetting the roots of the company and the business values under which we operate.

Utilizing Cambridge Telephone’s long successful history as a foundation, J. Richard Shoemaker, Chairman and CEO had a vision of building a company that was able to offer a variety of services in the communications industry with the ultimate goal of making Cambridge, Nebraska a focal point for technological excellence.  Shoemaker and Pinpoint have more than exceeded that goal.


As of today, Pinpoint Holdings has grown into a company with diversified operating entities which are well respected throughout the telecommunications industry.  The Pinpoint family of companies provide services across the United States in the following areas:  Network design, network construction, residential telecommunication services, dark fiber, lit services for enterprise businesses and carriers, wireless data and phone service, tower construction, tower modification and telecommunications consulting.

As a subsidiary of Pinpoint Holdings, Pinpoint Communications (PPC) operates as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) in the state of Nebraska. PPC received its CLEC status in September of 2000 and has spent the last decade and a half dedicated to bringing cutting edge communication solutions to rural towns and communities in the southwest part of the state.

Since 2009, Pinpoint Communications has been on the leading edge of implementing Fiber-to-the-Home networks, beginning with its home base of Bartley and Cambridge. Through its FTTH network, PPC has been able to offer up to 1 Gig per second to homes and businesses in the Cambridge and Bartley markets along with HD Video solutions and reliable home phone service.

Since completing the FTTH networks in Cambridge and Bartley in 2010 and adding Pinpoint HDTV, its HD Video product in the summer of 2012, Pinpoint Communications has continued to research the towns in Nebraska to make the next gigabit community.