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Auburn, Nebraska

Pinpoint is the only Gig in town offering state-of-the-art fiber technology with a blazing fast, always-on Internet connection. With fiber to your home, you can surf, stream, game, and work without interruption. Sign up now to enjoy a better internet experience.

Fiber Internet

Are you ready for a better internet experience?


For Qualified Customers

* See Details Below

Blazing Fast Speed

Symmetrical speeds up to

1 Gig. Stream HD movies without buffering and game online with low latency.


Connected Devices

Fiber connection won't slow down as more devices are connected.


Fiber to the Home

24/7 dedicated bandwidth

to your home won't be compromised by your neighbor's usage.


Tough Technology

Fiber is made of glass,

making it immune to most interference, like bad weather!

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Pinpoint Communications proudly participates in the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Federal Lifeline Program. Qualifying customers are eligible for a $30 per month discount on broadband internet service from the ACP and a $9.25 per month discount on broadband internet service from Lifeline. To learn more about these two programs or check your eligibility, please contact us at 800-793-2788 or email:


Additional information is available here:

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