Pinpoint finalizes A-1 Fiber of Auburn, NE purchase agreement as of December 31, 2020.

CAMBRIDGE, NE — Nebraska based fiber provider Pinpoint (Pinpoint Communications, Inc.) has announced the completed acquisition of A-1 Fiber of Auburn, Nebraska.

As Pinpoint begins to take possession of the network we intend to keep things as consistent as possible in the near term. Although A-1 Fiber will be carrying the new branding of Pinpoint, the company will continue to operate per usual for the immediate future.

President of Pinpoint, Tom Shoemaker and Scott Kudrna, Manager of A-1 Fiber have expressed the shared values in curating reliable sources of broadband connectivity in rural communities. As well as upholding a higher standard for the telecommunications industry.

“When I founded our company, it was imperative that our community have reliable, high-speed fiber internet,” Kudrna said. “I was tired of Auburn Businesses and Citizens having to settle for second rate service and technology from the large Telecommunication companies. Pinpoint is a Nebraska, Family-owned company that holds the same values as we do at A-1 Fiber. Auburn citizens and businesses will have a partner in telecom, not a provider waiting to gouge you when your contract runs out.”

“Pinpoint is excited about the acquisition of A-1. The acquisition allows us to expand our footprint in to a region we believe will have growth potential in the future. With Pinpoint’s industry experience, we will be able to expand on what A-1 has already built. We look forward to serving the customers and being involved in the community of Auburn,” added Shoemaker.

Pinpoint has made an outstanding commitment to improving broadband connectivity throughout rural Nebraska and the acquisition of A-1 Fiber continues to further expand on that goal for the company in 2021 and beyond.

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A-1 Fiber + Pinpoint